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A project of the Law Society
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Nutha Way

An Indigenous youth capacity building and leadership program working to build and strengthen relationships between young people, their communities, the justice system and the Police. Nutha Way champions the voices of Indigenous young people across WA, asks for their input on how to solve the big issues they face and works with them to create a more positive future for them and their communities.

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Young people consistently turn up for Nutha Way because the program is co-designed to empower young people so they feel valued, heard and can see a positive future from the activities and the relationships they are building.

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University 2 Community has been commissioned to undertake the Impact Assessment of the Nutha Way program. They use impact assessment tools to understand and communicate the impact of innovative social change programs.

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Each month the Nutha Way team sets out on adventures in and around the Goldfields. Each visit there are interesting stories about our escapades as well as learning and stories from elders and young people in the community.

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“Young fellas have the skills to solve problems in their communities if they are given the chance.”