Without support, it is near impossible for young people in Coolgardie to achieve their Drivers’ License because the driver training program is 45km away. A partnership has been developed with local police and community organisation Life Without Barriers to register three girls in a driver training program. This has been facilitated by Indigenous Leadership Coordinator Jazmyn Yavu-Kama who has provided support for collation of ID, completing paperwork and learning the rules of the road.

Skate parks are a great resource for small towns.  They provide a meeting place for healthy, fun and free activities that everyone in the community can enjoy. Coolgardie skate park is in the centre of town and is well used by local kids.  Kids have identified that they would like to build their skills and want to organise skateboarding workshops with professional skateboarders. Nutha Way has applied for a grant through the Heart Foundation to run 4 workshops in town. Nutha Way has been receiving donations of scooters and skateboards from donor’s and charities so that local kids can start building their skills.

Nutha Way kids say there are good things happening in Coolgardie for young people. The Shire has made the swimming pool accessible and free for young people during the summer months.  Summer in Coolgardie is often over 40 degrees making the pool a much-loved activity. By making the pool free means everyone can go.  Providing healthy activities for young people to do goes a long way in building good communities.